Eclipsed: The Last Generation

3rd Day of Rain's Grip, 941 Years After the Angels

Introduced: Zen, Helmut, Jasper, Rem, Basil, Marra, Alson, Ferro, Hann, Elye, and Maevaline

Lady Maevaline enters the prison, where Zen, Helmut, Basil, Jasper, and Rem are being held with no clear indication why. The dark woman proceeds to ignite a black liquid, that releases a thick, poison fog that knocks everyone in the prison unconscious.

During their brief sleep, Zen, Helmut, Jasper, and Rem all encounter the Siren for the first time, hearing her song.

When the group awakens, they find themselves in an armory, guarded by two masked Crescents. Lady Maevaline is there and tells them that they one hour to prepare, but doesn’t further explain. The elf Zen surprises the group by killing the pair of guards with javelins, giving them a clear escape path. The group grabs their supplies and leaves Greyreach and races into the jungle.

One hour into walking, they come across a small camp tended by two Crescent rangers. Favoring diplomacy over combat, the group learns that Hann and Elye have captured a pair of halflings, Marra and Alson. The groups are attacked by Mandrai Panthers, wounding Zen, Jasper, and Alson. A mysterious figure who had been stalking the group emerges, assisting the group in the fight. Ferro later agrees to travel with the group, keeping his secrets close. Hann and Elye, switching their attitudes and appearing to almost revere the group, urge the group to seek out an Illuminaria Healer.

The group elects to head south and away from Greyreach.


Delta Delta

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